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Thank you again for your excellent work in finding us such a talented and special addition to our team. While it remains challenging to find high potential candidates, it is close to impossible to find that mix of talent, kindness and skill that makes up a dynamic leader. You took on “mission impossible” and completed it with great success!
— Jen Giffen Vice President, HR Services Gulfstream Aerospace Corporation
As our business has grown dramatically over the past 15 years, one of my most important responsibilities has been to recruit talented leaders to support that growth. One of the resources we have utilized, although to a limited extent, has been the use of executive recruiters. When we have worked with Olmstead Lynch & Kreutz I have been impressed with their ability to match our needs with candidates who fit our hands-on, lean style. OL&K has brought us prospects who aren’t just “executives” but are real people ready to perform real jobs in a customer - centric atmosphere.
— David Zerfoss, President Husqvarna Forest & Garden Company Charlotte, NC
I try to hire the best people and then provide them with the resources to do their jobs independently. I have used Olmstead Lynch & Kreutz to fill several key direct report positions and have been pleased with the firm’s track record in bringing forth candidates that both meet my quality requirements and match my management style. The firm has shown that it has a strong contact base for financial positions. When I left my last CFO position, I was succeeded by someone whom the firm had previously brought in for me. OLK has consistently provided objectivity in evaluating candidates, and I place a high value on the firm’s judgment and responsiveness.
— James Moylan, CFO Ciena Corp
I have worked with Phil Curtis several times, both as a candidate and as a client. I highly recommend Phil’s services as an executive recruiter. Phil has an uncanny ability to assess the necessary skills and match them with the position and team. In every case Phil has exceeded expectations in delivery high-quality results.
— Greg Birge, Senior Vice President & General Counsel Aquilex Corporation
As Club Car has grown successfully over the years, several key VP-level recruits brought to us by Olmstead Lynch & Kreutz have played a key role. One of the measures of good search work is compatibility and longevity of the selected candidates and those recruited through OL&K have thrived within the company and/or moved up to our parent company.
— James P. Adkins, Former VP Finance Club Car , Inc.
I have served in various executive roles in administration, human resources and legal departments during the course of my career. I have had the opportunity to hire and interact with numerous executive search firms. I have been particularly impressed with Atlanta based Olmstead, Lynch & Kreutz among the boutique search firms I have retained. I found OL & K’s approach unique because not only did they take the time to learn about our business, but they spent considerable time with the hiring managers to gauge their personalities and ascertain their perspectives. I believe that because of this personalized approach, OL &K sent us candidates who were well matched to the hiring manager’s expectations.
— Kirk McConnell, VP/General Counsel – Haven Behavioral Healthcare, Nashville, TN
As a senior financial executive at multiple public and private companies, I am always looking for the most talented professionals to help ensure that my business is a step ahead of our competition. The value added to a company through strong controls and timely and useful information and analyses is a real difference maker. Years ago I was introduced to the executive search firm of Olmstead Lynch & Kreutz and have found that they have consistently met and exceeded my expectations for helping us focus the needs for each search, developing a recruiting strategy and then executing in a timely and professional manner. They clearly have a large network in the franchise area and have worked for some of the largest franchisors, yet I always feel that we are their true partners when they work with us.
— Tom Cossuto, Huddle House, Inc. Chief Financial Officer
Having held the top HR position at several different companies, including one with revenues exceeding $4B, I have had the responsibility of recruiting thousands of employees. When recruiting at the executive level, I have long been a proponent of utilizing the services of different executive search firms. I have retained both the largest well know firms and several “boutiques”, depending on the circumstances and the specialized requirements. Among the very best boutique firms with whom I have worked, I have been particularly impressed with Olmstead Lynch & Kreutz. When working with George Olmsted and Gary Kreutz I can always be confident that they have my company’s best interest in mind. “They are true professionals in every respect” and more importantly, terrific people.
— Skip Protko, Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer Member of the Board of Directors Irwin Holding Company Long Beach, California
George Olmstead works with you as a true partner. He invests the time to get inside your company in a way which surpasses any other search firm I have worked with, large or small. Every search he conducted for me exceeded expectations. He has an uncanny understanding of business nuances and human nature which benefits his clients.
— Jack L. Osborn, Former VP Asia Pacific TRW Inc. (Now Northrop Grumman), Cleveland, Ohio Chief Operating Officer, Mitsubishi Consumer Electronics, Norcross, Georgia VP Operations, Peet’s Coffee and Tea, Inc., Emeryville, CA Chief Operating Officer, Crane National Vendors, St. Louis, Mo.
Olmstead, Lynch, and Kreutz is an executive recruitment firm that delivers. My personal experience has been as a client and a candidate. I have found them to go beyond finding good talent. They take the time to understand the strategy, vision, and goals of both the client and candidate. They accomplish this by asking the right questions, listening, and doing the necessary research. They have been an asset to me as I turned to them to meet my needs for key executives as well as coaching me in team building. They have been objective and insightful. I have valued their contributions to my success. I would recommend their services to others and will continue to have a relationship with them to fill the most important aspect of business—good people.
— Don Naab, President Broadwind Energy Gear & Bearings Sector
The best companies today have a systemic approach for building and buying talent to maximize business results. I have lead integrated talent management approaches in several multi-billion dollar companies and have been very involved in global talent acquisition efforts. Subsequently, I have worked with numerous executive search firms including Olmstead Lynch & Kreutz. I have introduced them to my internal hiring clients because of their thorough approach to identifying culturally appropriate candidates in a timely and efficient manner. I will continue to recommend OL&K because of their strategic partnership, their professional follow-through and their successful results.
— Lisa K. Block, StateStreet (Bank) SVP & Chief Talent Officer
I joined Singer Sewing Machine Company in 2004, as Global VP Human Resources as part of a private equity acquisition and helped build the management team from scratch. It was our objective to be both lean and best in class, and one of our resources for recruitment was Olmstead Lynch & Kreutz. They have helped in filling several senior management positions and each of those critical hires are still with us, helping us dramatically grow our revenue.
— Mike Simmons, VP Global Human Resources
When our family-owned businesses were forced to look for new leadership we were introduced to several executive search firms for help. We ultimately selected George Olmstead of Atlanta-based Olmstead Lynch & Kreutz. They were introduced to us by a corporate CEO friend and the decision was a good one as we were successful recruiting a new CEO. The search firm also helped us fill several other key management positions, including a subsidiary president and, eventually a replacement for the initial CEO recruit who served us very well for several years before accepting another professional opportunity.
— Julie & Jim Raines, (Former Owners) Fischer Building & Supply Memphis, TN
My initial exposure to Olmstead Lynch and Koenig was as a CEO candidate for one of their clients. I had a number of questions and reservations about the position with this US subsidiary of a French parent. The search firm helped me get all of the information I needed, plus I felt they took a genuine interest in trying to determine if it were the right opportunity for me, my career and my family. Once on board the firm played a significant role in helping rebuild the majority of the management team.
— Jerry Chase, President Lantronix, Inv Irvine CA
Phil Curtis has no peer in recruiting. I have observed Phil’s methodically approach to matching candidates with employers and in this process he is singularly outstanding. Phil is exceptionally bright with academic credentials that resonate of someone who is persistent, focused and mission driven. I highly recommend Phil as an Executive Recruiter in an array of industries and functional areas, and in the area of commercial real estate, he is clearly the go to guy who has both the depth and breadth of experience to vet the very best prospects.
— Cleve Rowley, Former Search Colleague
George Olmstead, of OLK, spearheaded the search for three key executives during a critical company expansion period. OLK timely identified many qualified candidates and we ultimately hired three of the best real estate professionals in the industry. The professionalism and industry knowledge possessed by George was only over shadowed by his people and relationship skills.
— Jo Ann Chitty, Former SVP TriNet Realty Trust
One of the most difficult challenges for private equity firms (of which I have been a member) is to maintain the best leadership within portfolio companies. There are differences in scale, but the process is consistent - evaluate management, make substitutions, build the business and prepare for sale. Often existing managerial is most prepared for this environment of minimal guidance and high risk. Olmstead, Lynch & Kreutz have repeatedly helped me find CEO’s, COO’s and CFO’s and have matched them across a broad spectrum of markets/culture.
— Art Roth, Former CEO, Universal Fibers
As competition between large global companies continues in the area of speech to market, product quality, customer service and talent, it is imperative to recruit and retain the best people. In my position I am regularly involved with talent acquisitions. One of the many ways we recruit is through the use of national search and one of the firms with which I have had good results is Olmstead, Lynch & Kreutz. They consistently meet my any requirement in a true partnership. They apply a very personal approach with a genuine commitment to a relationship, not just a transaction. Their industry and marketplace feedback improves our ability to make better selections.
— Matthew Gay, Director Talent Management Ingersoll Rand, Industrial Technologies Sector
Phil does an exceptional job in several areas of the recruiting process: he digs deep to find passive candidates who have excellent qualifications but may not be actively seeking a new role, he evaluates a candidates skill set and personality match very well in terms of the role and the organization they would be joining, and he does a great job of managing the search process through completion, making sure he placed candidate is happy and expectations are met on both sides. I would recommend Phil without any reservations whatsoever.
— Michael Donahue, Former Search Colleague
For over 10 years I have found OL&K to be excellent in generating a qualified list of candidates in a timely manner that have met our requirements for experience and remuneration, enabling me to build high quality (financial) teams quickly. They are time sensitive, instrumental in the negotiating process and available 24/7.
— Brian Hanson, CEO ION Geophysical
From my perspective as the senior HR leader in billion dollar businesses over the last few years, I have found the executive search services of Olmstead, Lynch & Kreutz very helpful. They set themselves apart, in my opinion, by being very attentive up-front learning our business and culture. They consistently present a deep and diversified slate of potential candidates and express candid and insightful opinions as to the strengths and weaknesses of each prospect. They are good partners that will go the distance to meet/exceed my expectations.

— John Evangelista, Vice President Human Resources SPX Dehydration & Filtration
In 1990 I was recruited as head of HR to a client company of Olmstead, Lynch & Kreutz and as a company officer helped grow this company which was eventually acquired by Ingersoll Rand. I have recently retired from IR where I was VP HR for their global $2B+ Industrial Technologies Sector. Over this period I had a continuing business relationship with OLK and utilized them numerous times to conduct retained searches. Through these interactions, I came to know several of the OLK partners along with the support team and very much appreciate their professionalism and capabilities which resulted in successful searches. While I also worked with other search firms, I consistently relied on OLK to be part of my team in helping build the executive talent base in dramatically growing our business.
— Chuck Twilley
When I joined Republic our private equity partners wanted to expand the company and take it public in a 2-3 year window. This would require a significant upgrade in management and a corporate staff to support three US businesses and one in canada. To accomplish this I retained Olmstead, Lynch & Kreutz, a search firm which had served me well in my previous role in a multi billion dollar public company. OLK helped me successfully recruit the great majority of my senior management team, including a CFO, Controller, CMO, VP HR and CFO’s for three of the four operating companies. I found them to be persistent, consistent, insightful and I am grateful for their assistance in helping me build our tea here.
— Paul F. Patek, President & CEO Republic National Cabinet Corp
To manage a portfolio of diverse companies within a private equity investment partnership... We recognize the value of utilizing a professional recruiter. We had a very positive experience with OLK who was able to help us recruit just the right CEO who helped us grow and strategically position a portfolio company for an extremely profitable sale.
— Carl Bachman, Southern Equity Partners
You can always count on Phil Curtis to take the initiative and always go the extra mile in order to achieve an objective, and make things better. Phil’s large network of valuable contacts helps him get good results and he is a first class guy.
— Bruce Durkee, Partner Associate Renova Partners LLC

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